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AHF Mission

To promote researched, manufactured and packaged Made in USA products since 2007, by utilizing the most advanced cutting-edge research and nutraceutical delivery system (NDS), AHF is committed to the cGMP regulations, production and sales of functional foods, dietary supplements, OTC’s and special medical foods. Our goal is to become a top science and technology driven American Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturer to serve hundreds of clients worldwide.

AHF Company Culture

Entrepreneur Spirit: Entrepreneur Spirit is an attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change. It is a mindset that embraces critical questioning, innovation, service and continuous improvement. As a US nutraceutical manufacturer, AHF is constantly improving production efficiency & capability, and innovative technologies and our product research leaders are always standing firmly on the frontline. It is the best explanation of what entrepreneurial spirit is.


Teamwork: Collaboration! At AHF we are a solid and hardworking team with high qualifications and performance. We deeply understand only a team can make a big difference. Inside we are diverse team members with warm hearts. We know how to make things happen and get things done together efficiently.

Best Quality: From raw materials qualification to finished product in-house testing, we are following cGMP guidelines and FDA regulations. We guarantee every product coming out of AHF has the best quality.

Customer Satisfaction: 100% Customer Satisfaction is what we are pursuing and aiming at all the time. Over the years, AHF has been providing contract manufacturing and private labeling services to hundreds of clients from national retail chains to international distributors around the world. We would like to grow and create a win-win long-term relationship with our customers and clients.


American Health Formulations offers a unique Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling experience