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American Health Formulations & Summit Life Sciences

Innovation and Product Development Services

With our in-house partner Summit Life Science, Inc. (SLS), AHF is proud to offer an extensive list of innovation services to support your research and product development needs. Specializing in formulation design, process development, IP, analytical testing and herbal medicine-based phytochemical screenings

Formulation Design

Our expert R&D team can design a custom formula for you based on target goals and specifications. We offer liquid, solid, patch, film and cream formulations.

Research & Product Development

For your product development needs, we can offer contract research services including In Vitro, In Vivo and phytochemical animal studies and clinical trials. Our manufacturing facilities can also accommodate small batch runs to test your new product.

Process Development

I. Milling, Sieving, BlendingII. Wet granulationIII. Enteric/time-release clear or color coatingIV. Tablets, Capsules, Stick Pack, Pouch, JarV. MicroencapsulationVI. Liquid Formulations

Analytical Testing

Our innovation center offers analytical testing services including physical analysis (particle size distribution, density, taste & flow-ability analysis, hardness and disintegration) as well as Identification analysis like species ID fingerprint and DNA testing.

Ingredient Efficacy Evaluation

Including phytochemical screenings, ID testing, DNA verification and more.

IP & Liscensing

We also offer intellectual property licensing and services including trademark & patent filing and domain applications.

Custom Formulation

AHF’s expert R&D team is here to help you bring your supplement, vitamin or food vision to life.

Our team will use your specifications and goals to design a new formula especially for you. Let us know your guidelines like which ingredients to include, whether it should be natural or synthetic, flavor preferences and product function. We’ll work with your specs to develop and then produce your unique product.

Custom formulation AHF
AHF lab

Visit the SLS website for more info on Innovation & Product Development Services