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Looking for a supplement manufacturer is a headache. Luckily with the right guidelines, you can find the perfect one. It’s important to know what to look for in your supplement manufacturer.

This will save you time. It will also ensure you find a company that you can do business with for years to come. Below we’ll cover some key criteria to ask your potential supplement manufacturer. Keep reading to learn more.


While the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements, it is still important to pick a manufacturer with high-quality standards. If successful, your supplements will be ingested by thousands of people. The last thing you’d want is to discover down the line they are dangerous.

There are various ways manufacturers control quality. One of them involves  testing for heavy metals, lead, and other dangerous toxins. Make sure to ask any manufacturer for their certifications before partnering. Organic, halal, vegan, and kosher are examples of other certifications to look for. 

GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices, is another safety recommendation established by the FDA. A GMP-certified supplement manufacturer means the identity, quality, strength, and purity of supplements are studied.


Some businesses can formulate supplements for you. Others will require you to outsource a chemist. Outsourcing a chemist will require additional research.

It also means that when ready for production, the manufacturer may not replicate your supplement exactly. 


Certain supplement companies can cover everything from formulation to shipment under one roof. Other companies stop at formulation, and you must label, pack, and ship products yourself.

It is, of course, more convenient to have the manufacturer do everything in-house. This will mean faster lead times. While some manufacturers do not cover all bases, sometimes they have longtime partners that can help you.

Expertise and Experience

There are a plethora of supplement brands. Not every manufacturer is right for every brand. Find a supplement manufacturer based  on the industry you are in and the supplement you are trying to create.

Certain manufacturers specialize in dry vs. liquid vs. capsule supplements. You can ask the manufacturer what kind of supplements they’ve made in the past and for what brands.

Administrative Logistics 

There are other logistics to manufacturing that you should always discuss. We’ve listed out these questions and topics for you here:

  • Lead times
  • Pricing
  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) and Maximum capacities
  • Location (so you can visit the manufacturer for quality control)
  • Payment terms
  • Response rate
  • Custom formula or private label
  • Do they source ingredients, or will you?
  • Inventory storage terms

Picking the Right Supplement Manufacturer

There is a supplement manufacturer for everyone. It’s just about sifting through to find the right one. Spend time calling, researching, and emailing to compare who meets your needs.

Quality, purity, and leadership are amongst the most important aspects of choosing a manufacturer. Are you looking for a manufacturer that meets all the requirements? Request a quote with us today.

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